RedRock – private

Internal springboot framework to enable rapid micro service development. RedRock has many libraries from data structures, string storage engines, data services for relational systems, kafka brokers, document storage, dictionaries, data lakes and rocksdb.


Foundations – private

Foundations is a web crawling and indexing engine that allows users to perform emulated web crawling with advanced filtering and rules. It has an “Operations” component that allows for scripting custom actions, steps and events within batch jobs using the Foundation Execution Language (FEL). Once processed data can be indexed further, parsed and tagged for machine learning. – public

Personal Fitness is a company that empowers trainers to design workout programs and assign them to their clients. They can then generate reports and modify the program with simply scaling to increase or decrease difficulty. This application supports organizations with many staff members, custom exercises, point of sales, onboarding forms and much much more. – public

Lirkr started as a search engine that was hosted on Dreamhost up until 2010 when the website was taken down for violating Dreamhosts unlimitted data policy by using a little over 300GB of space. It has since been modified to an RSS reader but hasn’t been worked on since 2011.